CDs with the peärls before swïne experience!

We have a lot of pieces we'd like to record, but we try not tot just make a bunch of archive CDs. Our three recordings are pretty well thought out, and they are actually meant to be enjoyed. They can be found on the net at among other places and at Caprice Records.


pbse   swine live!      

the peärls before swïne experience

Caprice CAP21587


swïne live!

Caprice CAP21715




debris reassembledis reassembled

Phono suecia PSCD 183

We've also recorded a track on a CD by one of our favorite sound artists, the legendary Sten Hanson. It's available on FIrework Edition Records, and it's a pretty darn good CD.


Sten Hanson            

More Canned Porridge Sten Hanson

Firework Edition Records FER 1056