coming events


Here's where to go to find out what we're actually doing to deserve our own website. Come on by if you're in the neighborhood!



April 5: Concert at Beckis as part of our Pink Thursday celebration.



January 22: Recording of live concert in Gothenburg at Element Studios

January 23: Open rehearsal/concert w/new piece by Marie Samuelsson

August 27-September 2 : 7 concerts at the Stuttgart Musikfest

October 18: Sound of Stockholm Festival, 6 premieres by Swedish females

November 6: Musikaliska, Swedish Radio: Klas Torstenssons Pocket violin concerto


March 11: Concert/workshop in Norrköping

September 6: SEKT

Spetember 9-10: Nordic Music Days, Copenhagen, 3 concerts

September 16: Tonspråk, Luleå

September 25: Nordlichter Festival, Berlin; 2 concerts

November 2: Tonspråk, Gävle


13 July: Concert at Music Garden Festival, Warsaw, Poland

14 September: Concert at Musica Vivas Festival, Lissabon, Portugal

Autumn: Fokus projects in Växjö and vicinity


January 17: Art's Birthday, the Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm, 1900-2400: New piece by Sten Hanson, broadcast live by the Swedish Radio as part of a four-hour simulcast for the European Broadcasting Union.

February 21: Elevator music, the Stockholm Cultural Centre, 1900-2100: Levels-- Music for elevator, by Lars Carlsson, performed for an audience in the elevators at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm, part of Stockholm New Music Festival.

April 19-21: New York City once again.

April 25-26: Composer's Kitchen in Montreal, 2 concerts, one together with the Bozzini String Quartet.

May 21: Vaka, concert with music of Moto Osada in collaboration with the Vadstena Academy at Nalen, Stockholm

May 21-September 21: Live concert streaming on the netonthe Canadian Radio

May 26: concert with music by Jonas Valfridsson at Fylkingen, Stockholm

May 28-31: the peärls before swïne experience go Romania, concerts in Bucharest and Cluj

October 11: The Geiger Festival, Gothenburg

November 3: Nybrokajen 11, Stockholm


February: We record the music (by Kim Heds) for Strindberg's play The Dance of Death at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm

April: Japan/Scandinavia, concert for Samtida Musik in Stockholm, recxorded by Swedish Radio P2

May 1-5: The swne do New York: concerts at among other places The Stone and Merkin Hall, playing pieces by e g Annie Gosfield and more!

June: Concert with works by Per Magnusson and Mattias Skld, together with the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet


Spring: time off for childbirth/rearing

April: The Gothenburg Swne do Hrnosand

July Musik och Konst i Junsele

September 9-11 Focus project, several days in Mellerud with workshops, children's concerts, clubs, and general immersion in the community

September 16-18 Focus project in Vxj

October 4-8 Ultima festival in Oslo: Kunderavariationer, play with the Norwegian theatre group fakta morgana

Diverse concerts in Stockholm and vicinity


October 2 Arena Festival, Riga, Latvia

November7-14 ”the perls before swne experience go Japan”: 6 world premieres in several Japanese cities

November 17/22 ”The Gothenburg Swne,” together with the Gothenburg Combo, Pusterviksteatern/Nybrokajen 11, Gothenburg/Stockholm, 8-10 world premieres

November 24: Nalen, Stockholm

27 November: SVT2 Concert of the week, an hourlong tv program w/the swne and friends