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the peärls before swïne experience
The peärls before swïne experience are a cultural happening. Their concerts combine technical and musical mastery with a relaxed stage presence that transforms new music concerts into enjoyable and accessible events. They have commissioned a repertoire of short pieces of around 5 minutes that consists of more than 80 works from 18 countries. The length of the works allows for a concert form that combines an attitude taken from pop and rock concerts with elements of stand-up comedy, all the while serving up pieces written directly for them by some of the most important composers of their generation from Sweden and abroad. Their list of works grows continually, and includes such names as Anders Hillborg, Lars Ekström, David Lang, Mikael Edlund, Jouni Kaipainen, and Tristan Murail. They have performed at numerous classical, new classical, and rock festivals around the world, from the ISCM World Music Days to the Arvika Rock Festival, and they are equally at home in all types of venues. They consistently leave deep impressions, both artistically and emotionally. Their concerts are entertainment, but with lasting substance, making them truly one of a kind in their genre.